About us – Bidfood Czech Republic

Distribution lorry Bidfood

We are selling into all market segments – from high end restaurants and hotels to cafeterias and school canteens from food service segment to retail chains and independent stores. All together Bidfood Czech Republic serves more than 24 000 customers in food service segment and almost 12 000 retail stores including butcheries, bakeries and seasonal stands.

Already since 1990 Bidfood Czech Republic Ltd. has been operating on the Czech and Slovak market. Currently Bidfood is the number one distributor of food products in the Czech Republic. Since 2009 the company (previously Nowaco) has become a member of international business group Bidfood – the second largest distributor in the world.

Bidfood Czech Republic is also a producer, we own factories (all are IFS certified) where we make ice cream (including fruit ice cream specialities), ready meals (breaded meat and cheeses, sweet and salty filled dumplings) bakery products and puff pastry, sous-vide meat and we also are packing vegetable mixes for retail and there are food service market segments. We also owns two deboning plants for red meat and game meat and factory for production of fresh and frozen fish.  |  Certificates

Nowaco | Prima | Nowameat | Coronet | Meliko | Bagetier | Petron | Dobroty babičky Kláry

The portfolio of Bidfood Czech Republic products offers several own brands of food (not only in the area of the Czech market): Prima, Mrož and Pegas – for portfolio of ice cream. Nowaco – for fresh and frozen fish, french fries, ready meals or for delicatessen. Gurmet – for fresh beef and pork and for meat products. Petron – for fresh and frozen game meat. Meliko – for dairy products. Coronet – for colonial goods. Bagetier – for frozen pastry. Dobroty babičky Kláry – for ready Czech meals.