Exporting Activities of Bidfood Czech Republic

Bidfood Czech Republic Ltd. is a part of foodservice holding Bidcorp Inc. that forms the second largest food distribution channel worldwide. Bidcorp Inc. is an international holding of 25 corporations operating in the food industry, listed on the JSE, South Africa, and present in developed and developing economies in five continents. In 2017, Bidcorp Inc. reached a turnover of 9 billion €.

Bidfood Czech Republic operates an assortment of approximately of 5000 items from which 1500 is produced in Bidfood production facilities in Czech Republic and the rest is outsourced. All our production facilities and distribution centres are IFS certified. In the present day, we operate these facilities:

  • Factories in Opava, CZ – production of frozen vegetables, fruits, frozen semi-finished products, frozen bakery, sous-vide meat and ice-cream.
  • Factories in Kralupy nad Vltavou, CZ – processing of meat (beef, pork, game), processing of fish.
  • Factories in Plzeň-Dýšina, CZ – processing of poultry, ice cubes, smoked products.

Export activities

Ice cream



Ready meals


Vegetables and fruits

Fish and seafood



Jakub Šmíd | Export Manager

Jakub Šmíd
Head of Export
+420 315 706 131

David Krabec | Export Manager

David Krabec
Export Manager
+420 315 706 195

Kateřina Martínková | Export Manager

Kateřina Martínková
Export Manager
+420 315 706 176

Pavel Krajíček | Export Manager

Pavel Krajíček
Export Manager
+420 315 706 340

Jaroslav Škach | Game Export Manager

Jaroslav Škach
Game Export Manager
+420 315 706 274
+420 737 219 129

Kateřina Šepsová | Export Assistant

Kateřina Šepsová
Export Assistant
+420 315 706 212

Andrzej Piątkowski | Market Manager – Poland

Andrzej Piątkowski
Market Manager – Poland
+48 784 731 540

Szilárd Szalai | Market Manager – Hungary

Szilárd Szalai
Market Manager – Hungary
+36 203 732 155