Bidfood produces more than 40 000 tons of food products per year in its own factories in the Czech Republic. This quantity represents 4 kg of Bidfood’s products per every inhabitant of the Czech Republic. Own produced products account for one quarter of all products distributed by the Bidfood company. Bidfood owns the largest ice cream factory (by produced liters) and  the largest processing plant for game meat in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Besides those, Bidfood’s portfolio also accounts for important factories for processing and packing of fish, fresh meat,  and also production plant for frozen foods, pastry and vegetables.

All Bidfood production plants are under the continuous modernization and innovation process of both segments – the technological and the infrastructural. All the raw materials and batches of incoming products are subjected to the laboratory controls. Of course there is regular supervision of the State Veterinary Administration together with HACCP certification. Also optional IFS certifications are annually re-granted for those plants.

Bidfood Opava s.r.o.

Bidvest Opava s.r.o.

Ice creams

Frozen vegetables and fruits

Frozen meals

Frozen bakery

Sous-vide meat

Vegetable salads

Bidfood Kralupy s.r.o.

Bidvest Kralupy s.r.o.

Frozen fish

Fresh fish

Fresh meat and semi-finished meat

Game meat

Mrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina a. s.

Mrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina a. s.

Custom production and packaging