Mrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina: Custom production and packaging

Mrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina | logoMrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina offers its customers the manufacture of mixes and separation and packaging of frozen and fresh foods. Meat, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and frozen ready meals are all packaged here. Since 2016, we expanded the factory with the production of ice-cubes and crushed ice by the most powerful machine in the Czech Republic.

In the freezer, our workers are calibrating the raw material or finished products on Yamato weights into sacks ranging from 150g to 5kg. Vacuum packaging is ensured by the Multivac packer with the output of 42 packages per minute. We can also offer to package onto plates, plastic containers, and cartons.

Mrazírny Plzeň-Dýšina also supports Bidfood by the manufacture of labels, labeling the products and inputting the leaflets. We also offer a range of services in the areas of freezing, chilling, storing and distribution. Among our customers are Czech Frost (Iceland, Globus), Sommer a vnuk, Farm Frites and Bidfood’s companies.

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