Bidfood Kralupy: Frozen fish

The factory for frozen fish has been a completely greenfield project for Bidfood in Kralupy nad Vltavou. In 1998, the original packaging workshop was set up. The current, modernized, workshop produces around 5 000 tons of frozen fish a year. This translates to 230 trucks, forming a line of 4 km.

65% of all fish is frozen blocs of Merluccius productus from the USA. It is the freshest fish a customer can get since the fish is frozen on the ship immediately after being pulled out. Bidfood is the exclusive producer of this item in the Czech Republic. In Kralupy, the blocs are then cut to the famous Nowaco portions.

Apart from the portions, we process IQF fillets here and other commodities from wholesale packaging to retail packaging.