Bidfood Opava: Frozen vegetables and fruits

Packaging facility has been established at Opava’s freezer by Bidfood, formerly Nowaco. The production of one-kind vegetables or mixes has started at the beginning of 2001, with a capacity of 600 tons per month.

There has been a major renovation in 2010. A new line with robotic packaging has been set up, which put Bidfood amongst the best-equipped companies in Europe. This has doubled the production capacity. Today, it packages 85 sacks per minute.

There are 11 500 tons of frozen vegetables departing the facility Na Palhanci, all under the Nowaco brand. This amount would result in an 11 km row of 520 trucks.

The most favorite frozen vegetable is spinach portions – both chopped and whole leaves. From the mixes, the leading item is vegetable stripes. The most original mix is “Kuličkové trio” – a sweet vegetable mix for children.