Exporting Activities of Bidfood Czech Republic

Bidfood Czech Republic is active internationally. Bidfood Czech Republic Ltd. is a part of foodservice group of companies that together form the second largest food distribution unit in the world. Bidfood Czech Republic is not only distributor for 4 000 items from the assortment but also producer of these product ranges for both retail and HoReCa channels. All our production facilities and distribution centers are IFS certified.

Bidfood Kralupy | production of fresh fish products

Fish Products

Fresh and frozen production of 200 items, mostly salmon and hake fillets and blocks (only producer of North pacific hake in Europe).

Game Meat

Factory processes over 500 tons of animals in skin per year and exports the final products to Western Europe, Poland and Baltic states.

Ready Meals

Breaded product – prefried cheese, prefried camembert, prefried mozzarella and vegetable sticks, prefried mushrooms and such.

Traditional – potato dumplings with smoked mead, stuffed pepper pods, roast beef with dumplings and creamy sauce and much more.

Sweet – filled dumplings with strawberries, blueberry, jam, apricot and such.

Bidfood Opava | production of puff pastry

Puff Pastry & Bakery Products

Ready to bake dough – classic, cereal, butter ideal helper for people who love to bake.

Variety of cakes, pies, strudels and different kind sweet breakfast assortment.

Vegetable Mixes

Our plant facility is packing vegetable and fruit mixes.

Bidfood Opava | production of ice cream Mrož

Prima Ice Cream

Prima ice cream is nr.1 brand with 35% market share in the Czech Republic. You can also buy Prima Ice cream in Slovakia and Hungary. Our flexible ice cream factory also produces private label products for customers on demand. Our specialty is ice cream (both on stick and push up) with high fruit content.

Häagen Dazs CEE Distributor

Bidfood Czech Republic is responsible for distribution of Häagen Dazs – premium ice cream brand – for these 13 CEE countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Moldova).

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Jakub Šmíd | Export Manager

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Head of Export
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David Krabec | Export Manager

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Export Manager
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Kateřina Martínková | Export Manager

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Export Manager
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Andrzej Piątkowski | Market Manager – Poland

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Market Manager – Poland
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